Portfolio Stress Testing



How about a free "SECOND OPINION"?


“Buy, sell, hold,” are words investors hear constantly regarding their portfolios. Successful investing is not always about how much cash you have or if you should buy, sell or hold. It’s about quality of assets, time horizons, financial needs, cash flow needs, risk tolerance and many other issues.


Do you understand your exposure to various sectors of the market and how these sectors correlate to each other? Sector weightings, asset allocation, management style and other issues significantly contribute to the volatility of your portfolio.


We believe it is important to understand what your risks are and how they relate to your financial goals. A detailed analysis of your portfolio will allow us to give you a valuable “second opinion” at no obligation to you.

Your customized portfolio review will include the following criteria:

  • Valuation multiples such as price/earnings, price/book, price/sales and debt/equity
  • Standard deviation, a common measurement of risk from a historical perspective
  • Sector weightings – Is your portfolio diversified under various industry sectors versus a relevant benchmark?
  • Past performance – How have your current holdings performed in up and down markets?
  • Style and capitalization review –- What percentage is allocated to large-cap, mid-cap, small-cap investments? What is the ratio between growth versus value?
  • Fixed income credit quality and call features review
  • Evaluation of maturity schedules for fixed income
  • Income projections
  • Review of investments and their managers
  • Stock selection review
  • Cash flow analysis

Our analysis will, we believe, give you a great deal more information with which to make more informed investment decisions, whether or not you choose to utilize Financial Planning Consultants at some point in the future.

Click here to view what your analysis will look like. To request a second opinion, e-mail  us or call our office at (800) 808-1302.




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