“We strive to build the best client relationships on the planet!”
We provide independent and objective advice to our clients. We are strong advocates of our clients and we help solve their problems with a high degree of integrity and honesty.
In a world characterized by rapid change and unmet expectations, people everywhere are searching for this type of relationship. Our clients value their relationships with us. You should never underestimate the power of honest relationships.
We have a conviction of investing our time to become a stronger advocate for our clients.
The Financial Planning Consultants, Inc. Principles of Advocacy:
  1. Advocacy begets advocacy. When we become a stronger advocate for our clients, they will become stronger advocates for us.
  2. Advocacy is a function of loyalty. We strive to create advocates by building loyalty.
  3. We build loyalty by adding tangible value.
  4. We add tangible value by solving problems. The more problems we solve, the more value we add to our relationships with our clients.
  5. We solve more problems by getting to know our clients at a deeper level. When we get to know clients at this level, we uncover break-through insights about them and their families.
  6. We get to know our clients at a deeper level by spending more quality time with them.
  7. What we say matters little. It is what we do that counts. Actions speak louder than words.
  8. In a relationship business, we believe that we build and maintain the best relationships on the planet because of the talent we have and services we deliver.