Financial Planning Consultants, Inc. (FPC) has a wealth of resources available to satisfy the diverse business requirements of established and developing enterprises as well as individuals. While many clients will have similar needs, it is our policy to identify the unique circumstances inherent in every situation and develop a focused plan consistent with our desire to provide the highest quality of services in the most cost-effective manner. To that end, we maintain state-of-the-art technical and resource capabilities.  We aspire to give you:

  • Financial independence
  • The comfort of a family advisor you can trust
  • Ongoing and frequent communication
  • The discipline of getting on course and staying there
  • The empowerment to take control of your future… and your life
  • A program specifically tailored to help you clarify and reach your goals
  • The ability to contact us whenever you need our advice
  • Objective, unbiased advice


The focus of every member of our firm is cultivating trusting partnerships with our clients, our community and each other. We believe in the importance of realizing a high level of personal and spiritual success in life. Accordingly, we sustain a caring and nurturing environment to support our clients and each other in achieving these objectives.
At FPC, we truly value close, long-term relationships with clients.
Our Planning Process*

Financial Planning Consultants, Inc.'s approach to personal financial planning is distinctly process-based. Our process is based fundamentally on six steps prescribed by, the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc.
As Your Consultant in the Financial Planning Process We Will...
  • Join with you to define and establish a productive long-term partnering relationship based on mutual trust and respect. This step sets the stage for all that follows by clarifying expectations regarding both process and outcomes.
  • Work closely with you to gather a wide range of personal, business, and "non-business" information relevant to the development of your plan. Knowing which questions to ask and how to ask them is a key part of our professional responsibility to you.
  • Analyze your situation thoughtfully and assist you in bringing your long-term vision into clearer focus. Here we will help you identify, quantify, and prioritize a track of defined markers in the form of goals and objectives.
  • Create and communicate clearly to you a functional and flexible plan that is designed specifically for your case and that makes sense to you.
  • Facilitate implementation of your plan in certain areas of risk management, investing and estate planning, where our expertise and hands-on purview can add value. For aspects of implementation which are beyond the scope of our expertise or licensure, we will assist you as needed in locating and establishing relationships with qualified providers. Irrespective of the nature of our involvement in implementation, our primary duty is to you, as your independent, objective advisor.
  • Revisit the overall plan to check its fit as time passes and/or your situation changes to make any appropriate revisions. Measurably progressing through the track of defined markers established in the third step of this process will clearly demonstrate your success and comprise the accomplishment of your mission.
Our Investment Management Process*

Financial Planning Consultants, Inc.'s approach to investment management* consulting derives from the institutional investment model.
As Your Consultant in the Investment Management* Process We Will...
  • Analyze your goals, objectives and existing programs.  In this initial meeting we will uncover your values and concerns.  We will define your financial needs and gather information needed to construct an investment policy statement and layout your expectations of our services.
  • Formulate/update a written investment policy statement.  We will present diagnostics of your current holdings along with a summary of any repositioning recommendations.  Typically, this will include a “gap analysis” of where you are today and where you want to go, along with specific recommendations.
  • Establish appropriate asset allocation/manager style mix.  After we’ve reviewed your investment policy statement that describes your needs and risk tolerance, we provide an asset allocation strategy meets your goals and objectives.
  • Introduce suitable managers and/or investment vehicles.  We address Prudent Investor guidelines and reinforce the client education process.  Education is provided on the managers we may employ and the investment vehicles we may advise.
  • Monitor and report on your portfolio’s performance.  In addition to the statements provided by Raymond James Financial Services, we may prepare and forward quarterly client performance reports upon the client's request.  These reports specifically state beginning balance, the ending balance, contributions, withdrawals, realized and unrealized gains, interest, dividends, management fees, average capital, total gain after fees and the percentage return during that timeframe.
  • Provide ongoing evaluation and due diligence.  We regularly monitor our investments that are used in our managed portfolios as well as other positions that we are considering to use.  Each portfolio is reviewed by an FPC advisor at least quarterly to help assure proper asset allocation and compliance with your investment policy statement.
Please let us know if you would like a copy of our Form ADV Part II by sending an email.
Asset Allocation does not assure a profit or protect against a loss.